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July 23, 2017 1 min read

Dear Friend,

I know my softness is misleading, but please don't confuse me with a cozy throw or luxurious blanket. I am meant for the outdoors and love to be thrown on the ground, have a group of family and friends trample on me, take on the occasional food or drink spill, and then be thrown into the washing machine. No fear of dirt or the elements by me! You can count on me for every festival, camping trip, and all your outdoor adventures! I am good for the backyard hangout as well. My 100% recycled fine wool content comes from recycled wool clothes from the United States, Russia, and India, that have been washed, shredded and re-made into what I like to call your dependable, warmest, and softest outdoor companion (besides your furry friend, of course). If you did not already know, I also come with the Baba Wrap, which allows you to easily transport me from point A to point B.

Festival season is here...I will be waiting for you.

Warmest regards,
Baba Blanket

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